Product Name: PVC Plaster Ceiling Board
Date: 2021-11-08 10:00
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Detailed introduction

PVC Gypsum Board Ceiling
Materials Gypsum Board
Surface PVC and Aluminum Foil
Strength Break Load>150N
Containing Water Rate < 1%
Allow Dimension Difference Length ≤±2.0mm; Width ≤±2.0mm; Thickness ≤±0.5mm
Weight < 6.5kg/m2
Fireproof Class Class B1 Meet the standard:GB8624-1997
Moisture Requirement Under 90%

The gypsum board itself advantages, both moisture, fire and other properties, you can scrub, easy to clean, three-dimensional finishes, fresh and beautiful. Color patterns can be customized according to customer requirements.

Set decoration, sound-absorbing, noise, fire, fire-retardant, heat insulation, thermal insulation, energy saving, insulation and other characteristics in one of the advanced decorative materials. Also has moisture, beautiful, the same type and so on.
Product Usage:

Widely used in hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, theaters, dance halls, railway stations, auditoriums, offices, living rooms, office buildings, electronic equipment room, precision instrument rooms, and factories or residential interior decoration.

A gypsum ceiling is a sturdy, fairly cheap type of ceiling made of gypsum ceiling panels.

Generally, gypsum ceiling panels are smaller than plaster panels. Thus, this type of material is often applied to suspended ceilings. Once a ceiling frame, or lattice, is in place, gypsum panels are inserted into this frame.


Face :  textured washable vinyl(PVC)


Back: aluminum foil backing


Available thickness : from 7mm to 12mm



Available size : (customized sizes are also available)
595x595mm / 595x1195mm  
603x603mm / 603x1213mm


605x605mm / 605x1215mm


617x617mm / 617x1243mm




Loading Capacity for Gypsum Ceiling:






 595*595mm; 603*603mm

7 mm 

10 PCS / CTN

        4200 M2 

 595*595mm; 603*603mm


10 PCS / CTN

        3700 M2 

595*595mm; 603*603mm  

9 mm 

10 PCS / CTN

        3300 M2

 595*595mm; 603*603mm



        2700 M2

 595*595mm; 603*603mm

12 mm 


        2500 M2 


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