Product Name: Fireproof PVC Paper Laminated Gypsum Boards
Date: 2021-11-08 10:03
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Detailed introduction

PVC Gypsum Board Ceiling
Features:  Artistic ceiling Integrated ceiling Perforated Ceilings natural gypsum high strength widely used
 Surface treatment:  PVC Film
 Thickness:  8MM  8.5MM  9MM  12MM
 Specification:  595x595MM  600x600MM  603X603MM  600X1200MM
 Acceptable Error:  Length≤±2.0mm
 Weight/unit:  <7.0kg/sq.m
 Strength:  Horizontal Breaking Load>150N
 Moisture Content:  <1%
 Fire Resistance:  Nonflammable Class B in accordance with Chinese standards GB8624-1997
 The requirement of the environment relative humidity  Below 90%
Features of Gypsum ceiling board


PVC gypsum ceiling tile are in fact smaller sized gypsum panels faced with PVC of various colors and


designs. The base board of gypsum ceiling tiles is standard gypsum board. Usually with aluminum foil on the back,


gypsum ceiling are normally laminated with PVC on the face, which gives rich options of colors and designs for the


users. Similar to gypsum board, both quared edge and tapered edge are available.




Wide application in different places and buildings, our gypsum ceiling tiles are water-proof, corrosion-resistant and


fire-proof, So they are used for decoration in even almost all kinds of places, such as hotel, hospital, shcool, house,


shopping mall, meeting hall. theater, etc.The ceiling tiles are laminated with anti static PVC film on the front side and aluminum pet foil on the back side which gives the tiles superior, maintenance, free finish along with additional thermal insulation properties. It can be used in areas requiring clean, dust-free interior such as computer rooms, food processing electronics and pharmaceutical companies. 


Face :  textured washable vinyl(PVC)


Back: aluminum foil backing


Available thickness : from 7mm to 12mm



Available size : (customized sizes are also available)
595x595mm / 595x1195mm  
603x603mm / 603x1213mm


605x605mm / 605x1215mm


617x617mm / 617x1243mm




Loading Capacity for Gypsum Ceiling:






 595*595mm; 603*603mm

7 mm 

10 PCS / CTN

        4200 M2 

 595*595mm; 603*603mm


10 PCS / CTN

        3700 M2 

595*595mm; 603*603mm  

9 mm 

10 PCS / CTN

        3300 M2

 595*595mm; 603*603mm



        2700 M2

 595*595mm; 603*603mm

12 mm 


        2500 M2 


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