PVC laminated gypsum boards

1)Paper faced gypsum boards, the paper faced gypsum boards are often have different sizes and thickness. The common sizes are 1200*2400MM, 1220*2440MM. And the thickness is same as our PVC laminated gypsum boards, such as, 7.5MM, etc.
2)Aluminium foil, the foil is made of aluminium. The function is moisture-proof. And it is back treatment.
2)Glue, which can be divided into two different ones. One is for the aluminium foil and the other is for the PVC lamination.
3)PVC films. This is very important for the PVC laminated gypsum boards. The ceilings are often appear the PVC designs. If you look ceilings, then the first you will find is the PVC films. The thickness is of the PVC films is usually 0.07MM or more/
4)Adhesive tape. The tape are for the edges wrapped.
The producing steps:
1) Aluminium foil lamination. Put glue into the machine, later, the paper faced gypsum boards. The machine will make the two ones to be together.
2) PVC films lamination. This step is more or less as same as the step one.
3) Cutting. Now the steps finished. They are all big sizes. The next step is to cut the big boards into smaller ones.The width of the paper faced gypsum boards is 1200or 1220MM. So they can be cut into two parts, and the two parts is from 595MM to 605MM.
4) Edges wrapping. The adhesive tape is for the edges wrapping. If the PVC laminated gypsum boards are used in the humid environment, then the edges must be wrapped, if not, the products will sinking.
5) Packing. Every carton can hold 8 or 10 pieces of PVC laminated gypsum boards. The four edges of the 8/10 pieces of the boards are around with the cardboards, sometimes with the brand name on it. Later, the boards are packed with plastic bags, then into the machine whose inner is high temperature (about 200 degree above zero.) The plastic bags will shrink, so we call the packing- shrinking packing.