What is Tee grid and How to use it

  It is commonly used material on the ceiling. Its function is the same as that of the aluminum alloy keel, and it is also for the sake of beauty and plays a supporting role. It is matched with calcium silicate board and mineral wool board.
  In daily life, the so-called Tee grid refers to the iron paint keel, and the aluminum alloy keel can also be called the aluminum alloy paint keel. However, for convenience, I have said a few words less, just like American, like abbreviation. Therefore, paint grilled keel refers to iron paint grilled keel, aluminum alloy paint grilled keel is called aluminum alloy keel.
  In the material production, the two are different, the paint keel, the raw material is iron. Aluminum alloy keel is made of aluminum. In terms of technology, there are also differences between the two. Compared with aluminum alloy technology, paint keel is simpler, but the requirements for its production machine are very strict, which is also beautiful and supportive. As a ceiling material, it is supported by calcium silicate board.
   Which of the two has more advantages is obviously aluminum alloy keel. The reason is that the aluminum alloy keel is not discolored, rusted, discolored, corrosion-resistant and erosion-resistant after being treated. Even if it is used for the ceiling of outdoor corridor, there is no quality problem. And the raw material of the paint keel and paint keel is iron, which is easy to rust, change and paint fall. When the time is long, all problems arise, especially when it is not used in wet places. Therefore, the aluminum alloy keel is generally used in the bathroom as a supporting part of the calcium silicate board. Because aluminum alloy keel can also be waterproof and moisture-proof.