Exterior PU foam sandwich panels advantages

1、 Fireproof --- B1 fireproof degree can satisfy the fireproof need both for commercial household decoration.
2、 Waterproof --- Our panel is waterproof so you don’t need to worry about the wall go moldy.
3、 Soundproof --- 29DB noise can be prevented.And the soundproof effect act the same with solid wall.
4、 Heat insulation --- 10℃ warmer than house decorated with paint,  7℃ warmer than house decorated with PVC panels. When the ceiling is decorated with our sandwich panel, balcony, sun and villa find themselves no need to worry about burning sunshine.
5、 High strength --- Perfect combination of aluminum sheet with hard polyurethane foam allow sandwich panels resistant to pressure.
6、 Light in weight --- our sandwich panel is light in weight, easy to transport, install and disassemble.
7、 Harmless --- No formaldehyde , odorless and pollution-free , our panel is ideal for instant move-in decoration.
8、 Recyclable --- our panel can be reused many times. Even the broken panels can sell for its aluminum sheet.
9、 DIY installation --- Adopting panel connection, it is available to install our sandwich panel direct onto the wall. And every carpenter can to this.